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You’ve put in too much time and effort to have your knowledge fall on deaf ears.

Do you struggle with delivering presentations that stick? Don’t second-guess your expertise. Turn the yawns and glazed looks into eager hands in the air wanting to know more. 

Make an impact and inspire your audience

to take action


Have a proven system to craft a dynamic presentation


Create raving fans that leave your audience wanting more


Get the validation you deserve when your message resonates

Why work with me

I know what it’s like to see a distracted audience with heads nodding off, and noses in phones. It just sucks…and it sucks the confidence out of you!

But I have since overcome those challenges by:

  • Publishing a bestselling book How to NOT Suck at Presentations
  • Delivered a keynote at the United Nations in Vienna
  • Helped over 200 people level up their presentation skills

I want to help you unleash your genius in a way that is engaging and fun, so your presentation leaves an indelible impression.  

Ready to go from dull to dynamic? Let's do it! 


After attending Fern's workshop on how to present virtually, I have so much more confidence presenting in Zoom. I cannot wait to purchase her book to upgrade my presentation skills and utilize the information to support training for my staff within my organization.

Leslie Hoot Center Administrator for Congregrational Care

We had Fern present at our conference and her session was the most engaging one. People in the room were having fun and learning at the same time! She was able to improve everyone's memory at the end, showing how effective her techniques are. 

Andrea Huda Conference Chair, Continuing Education Association of New York

A great resource for anyone looking to improve their presentation skills. Chan has provided useful gems and tips that are very practical for someone to implement. The power prompts act as both learning points and a great checklist to use when preparing your presentations. Loved the C3PO acronym & reference.

Mick Spiers 5-star Book Reviewer

Turn Yawns and glazed looks into eager hands in the air wanting to know more


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