Hey there,

I'm Fern

I'm a bestselling author, educator and mompreneur on a mission to help power up your presentation skills so you never lose your audience to boredom.



I didn't start out this way...

In fact, I used to suck at presentations! Even worse…I was a death-by-PowerPointer. I didn’t even realize I was bumping off my audience with all the bullet points I had on my slides. 

You see, I worked in higher education for over 15 years, training adult learners and presenting at conferences as part of my job. 

And we are the best at boring presentations. Ever sat through an academic research presentation? Snooze-fest…even I wanted to be rescued from those! 

Then it dawned on me that my presentations could be having the same effect on my audience. Yikes!!
No one remembered a word I said once I stopped talking. And that left me feeling so deflated.

If someone had given me their time and attention, then I was going to honor that and not make them suffer through any more painful and forgettable presentations. 

So I developed a process to simplify the delivery of my message, and most importantly, connect with the audience, and thought about their experience. 

Many conferences later, I landed a keynote at the United Nations in Vienna, published a bestselling book How to NOT Suck at Presentations: Transform Your Presentation Skills from Boring to Badass, and created a training program to help others level up their presentation skills. 

I believe that everyone has genius in them to share with the world. Whether it is an idea, your unique experience, your service, or just doing your job and reporting out information, what you have to say matters.

I want to help unleash your genius so that it makes an impact, and you never leave the stage doubting your expertise. 

I can't wait to share my strategies with you so you can crush it with your message! 

Here are some of my
Favorite Things...

I love being chief mommy officer

Being a mompreneur, and having the freedom to create a life on my terms so I can spend more time with my kids, is my ultimate WHY. When I can attend school events and see my kids smile so wide, that is a feeling I will always cherish. 


If there's one thing that brings out the Asian in me (stereotypes be damned!), it's karaoke! I become a shameless limelight hog and love to belt out  "I Will Survive" and "Bohemian Rhapsody". I can already tell you're singing along with me! 


I'm a bit of a Star Wars nerd. Not obsessive to attend Comic-Con events, but enough that I dressed up as Princess Leia in the golden bikini for my law school ball. Why be a pretty tiara-wearing princess when you can be a badass butt-kicking one? What can I say, the force is strong in me!