Solving the Crime of Death by PowerPoint: Become the Presenter Everyone Remembers

Date & time :

Fri, October 13, 2023

12:00- 1.30  PM Eastern Time 


You missed out!

Who's the guilty party? 

Have you ever sat through a soul-sucking, eye-glazing PowerPoint presentation that felt like an eternity?

 Ever delivered one yourself? 

Well, it’s time to solve the crime that’s been silently killing enthusiasm, creativity, and engagement for decades: Death by PowerPoint.

You're passionate. You've got great ideas.

But every time you step up to share them, you're met with distracted looks and stifled yawns.

Deep down, you know something's not connecting. You feel frustrated, defeated, and maybe even embarrassed.

But imagine a different story...

One where you're not just heard – but remembered. 

Where your words spark interest, inspire action, and make a lasting impact. 

Sounds like a dream? Let's make it your reality by giving you a blueprint to crack the case wide open:

What's The Motive? 

Define the purpose of your presentation with clarity so we can reinforce your message and steer clear of the lurking culprit of information overload. 

Who Are Your People? 

Know who your audience is so you can tailor your content and arouse intrigue to make them lean in to learn more rather than bored to death and seeking an escape.

When and Where Will This Happen?

Time and location play a crucial role in your execution. Maximize your delivery by using these 2 factors to anticipate dangerous dips in concentration. 

How Much To Reveal?

Knowledge is a gift, but giving too much will turn it into a curse. Uncover the best way to curate your information to keep death by PowerPoint at bay. 

So, why attend THIS workshop? 

Because you, my friend,  have a voice, a message, and a unique perspective. The world doesn't need another dull presentation; it needs your fire, your flavor, your flair.

And here's the thing: creating dynamic presentations is not about being the loudest or flashiest; it's about connecting and delivering value.

And I'm here to help you serve up your genius in style.

But hold on a minute....

This isn’t a workshop factory where you’ll be just another face in the crowd. Oh no, none of that!

I’ve limited the seats because I want to give you the individual attention you deserve.

You don’t want to be left behind while others step into the limelight. Secure your spot now, before it's too late!

Jump in now. Let’s transform your presentation! 

Let's connect! Find me on:

Hi! I'm Fern

I'll be your trusted guide

I'm a bestselling author, educator and mompreneur on a mission to help power up your presentation skills so you never lose your audience to boredom. 

But I didn't start out that fact I used to suck at presentations. Even worse, I was a death-by-PowerPointer!

After some magnificent flops, dozing audiences and feeling like an utter failure, I did something different to deliver my message. 

Many conferences later, I landed a keynote at the United Nations in Vienna, published a bestselling book How to NOT Suck at Presentations and created a training program to help others level up their presentation skills. 

I believe that everyone has genius in them to share with the world. Whether it is an idea, your unique experience, your service, or just doing your job and reporting out information, what you have to say matters.

I want to help unleash your genius so that it makes an impact, and you never leave the stage doubting your expertise. 

I can't wait to share my strategies with you so you can crush it with your message. Let's get it done!