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Here are some highlights:


An easy-to-use formula on how to design your presentation with clarity and precision so your listeners don't fall asleep!


What to do with data so you can make facts and figures appealing without making your audience do mental math


Effective visual aids to get attention and keep it


Practical tips for virtual presentations that won't create Zoombies

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What Readers Are Saying

Carolyn DeJohn

higher education administrator

As a busy working mom, I needed something quick and simple that would give me some pro-tips on public speaking and presenting at work and in the classroom. I've always dreaded speaking to large groups and have total imposter syndrome. The author of this book broke it down simply and in a fun way so that I feel totally empowered to rock my next presentation! 

Julia Goodfellow-Smith

author & speaker

As a seasoned presenter, I wasn't sure how much I would learn from this book. Having now read it, I plan to always keep a copy of it handy for reference. It is a short read, packed full of useful pointers that I am sure will improve my presentation skills. Well worth the investment of time and money - if you give presentations of any sort, I recommend that you buy this book, read it and apply the principles. I guarantee that your messages will be communicated better and your audiences will thank you for it!

Alia Sims

college student

Wow - this book was so insightful and well written! As someone who has always hated presentations, this book has shifted my whole mindset! There are so many useful tools in this book that I will take with me into my next college presentation Definitely a book that everyone needs to read!