Be a standout presenter that engages the audience from the start

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What People Are Saying

“After attending Fern's workshop on how to present virtually, I have so much more confidence presenting in Zoom. I cannot wait to upgrade my presentation skills and utilize the information to support training for my staff within my organization."

Leslie Hoot
Center Administrator for Congregagtional Care

“We had Fern present at our conference and her session was the most engaging one. People in the room were having fun and learning at the same time! She was able to improve everyone's memory at the end, showing how effective her techniques are. Her book is a must-read for anyone who has to present information."

Andrea Huda
Conference Chair, Continuing Education Association of New York

Transform Your Presentations Skills from Boring to Badass

Say goodbye to death-by-a-thousand-slides and be the presenter everyone wants to listen to! In this Masterclass, you will learn:

Simple and effective hacks

Avoid the common pitfalls and what to do instead so your listeners don't fall asleep!

Tech that works

Use low-tech hacks to integrate multimedia to engage your audience in a meaningful way. 

Live demo

See the tools in action with instant results. 

About the Presenter

Fern Chan

Fern Chan is an avid lifelong learner, working in the field of continuing education in New York City. As an educator and presenter, she delivers trainings and workshops to diverse groups of people, mastering the art of high-level engagement whenever she speaks. She is on a mission to help other presenters spread their genius, and to make their messages memorable.

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