How to NOT Suck at Presentations



Discover practical and effective prompts to overcome the common pitfalls of presentations 

Follow the checkpoints to establish your baseline as a presenter. Know how far you are on the suck meter so you can reverse the trend.

Learn an easy-to-use formula on how to design your presentation with clarity and precision so your listeners stay awake.

Find out what you can do to make facts and figures appealing to get your audience invested in the data.

Discover simple hacks to engage your audience virtually without getting too overwhelmed with technology.

This book is ideal for

Business professionals

Presenting information is an essential business function. Whether you are pitching a product, or doing a routine report, leave your audience wanting to know more about your product and end results. 


Student presentations are commonplace in academia. Group projects, individual assignments, and final research papers will often require students to present on what they have learned in the course. Know how to present your information succintly to portray your profiency in the subject-matter. 

Conference Speakers

Giving a keynote or workshop to a large audience at an event can often pose challenges for the speaker in keeping the listeners engaged.
Be a standout presenter and carry your audience through from  beginning to end without losing their interest.

About Fern

Fern Chan is an avid lifelong learner, working in the field of continuing education in New York City. As an educator and presenter, she delivers trainings and workshops to diverse groups of people, mastering the art of high-level engagement whenever she speaks.

Based on her own experience as a former Death-by-PowerPointer,  to a badass presenter that earned her a keynote presentation at the United Nations' Office of Drug and Crime in Vienna,  she is on a mission to help other presenters spread their genius, to make their messages memorable, and to help them avoid inflicting the slow death of a thousand slides riddled with bullet points on their audience.

What People Say

After attending Fern's workshop on how to present virtually, I have so much more confidence presenting in Zoom. I cannot wait to purchase her book to upgrade my presentation skills and utilize the information to support training for my staff within my organization.

Leslie Hoot Center Administrator for Congregrational Care

We had Fern present at our conference and her session was the most engaging one. People in the room were having fun and learning at the same time! She was able to improve everyone's memory at the end, showing how effective her techniques are. Her book is a must-read for anyone who has to present information.

Andrea Huda Conference Chair, Continuing Education Association of New York

A great resource for anyone looking to improve their presentation skills. Chan has provided useful gems and tips that are very practical for someone to implement. The power prompts act as both learning points and a great checklist to use when preparing your presentations. Loved the C3PO acronym & reference.

Mick Spiers 5-star Book Reviewer

As a busy working mom, I needed something quick and simple that would give me some pro-tips on public speaking and presenting at work and in the classroom. I've always dreaded speaking to large groups and have total imposter syndrome. The author of this book broke it down simply and in a fun way so that I feel totally empowered to rock my next presentation! I never have time to read and when I do, I'm so tired I can't focus, so this book was absolutely perfect for me. Seriously funny anecdotes I can relate to, and tips I can use right away. I'm excited to put some of these ideas into practice!!!

Carolyn De John 5-star Book Reviewer

Such an easy and fun read on how to prepare and deliver an awesome presentation. I love the layout of the book- makes this subject of presentations that could feel uncomfortable for some-makes it feel fun! It also has stories to show how the concepts looks like in real life. I really enjoyed reading this book and will keep it handy to quickly review every time I have a big presentation to deliver. It's that good!

Joana Ardelean 5-star Book Reviewer

As a presenter you can feel when you are losing the audience. In the moment it can be a serious challenge to regain their attention and continue forward.

The framework in this book, offers a new lens through which you may see your presentation objectively. It empowers presenters to create an enjoyable experiences from beginning to end. It offers an opportunity to create an ideal presentation for any audience.

Ingrid Thorpe 5-star Book Reviewer

simple and easy.

See How Easily You Can Transform Your Presentation Skills From Boring to Badass

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