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Do you have knowledge and experiece to help others but you're stuck on selling your expertise?

You're brimming with knowledge, skills, and unique experiences. You know you can help others with what you know, or you wouldn't have delved into this world of entrepreneurship!

But you're unsure of how to translate your wealth of knowledge into profitable digital products that can sell itself. It's like having a treasure map with no clear path to the treasure.

And when you think about what's out there eg. blogs, podcasts, webinars, courses...

You're asking yourself "Where do I even begin?" 

It feels so overwhelming that you've just stopped dead in your tracks. 

And it's so frustrating because you know you can make an impact with your expertise!

But it's taking so much time to even think of a product that you're exhausted from the effort, and not making any sales at all.

It's not your fault. You know what you know.

But no one showed you how you can package up your expertise into a profitable, engaging digital product that sells itself, even as you sleep. 

Imagine if....

You had clarity on the product you could offer.

Couple that with small simple steps you can take to execute your plan of action. 

And get it done in just 3 days!

Then let's suit up for this action-packed bootcamp to get your digital products honed in, and ready to sell! 


Create Your E-Book & Digital Course in 3 Days!

APR 5 - 7, 2024

10AM  - 1PM EST

This immersive 3-day hands-on bootcamp will help you create 2 digital assets for your business, an e-book and a digital course. With these 2 digital products, you can set yourself up for success in 2024 and generate profits on auto-pilot!

Join from the comfort of your home in this live-interactive online forum.

No more second-guessing what to do, and how to do it. 

Get it done with other like-minded entrepreneurs and put your product out to market!

Here’s What You’ll Get From the Bootcamp

You know what's awesome about a bootcamp like this? There's no excuse to not get it done!  You'll be surrounded by other action-takers like you who want to results! Not only that, check out what else you'll walk away with at the of 3 days:

high-value e-book

You'll feel like a rockstar when you see people loving your e-book. Imagine the pride and joy you'll feel knowing you created something that helps and excites others.


engaging digital course

You'll be thrilled to see how engaged and excited your audience is. They're not just passively reading; they're actively learning and having fun. This is going to make you feel like a super teacher!


tech stuff made simple

No more being scared of tech! If you can can copy and paste, you can do this. You'll be amazed at how easy it is and how much you can do on your own. You'll feel super confident and stress-free with the accompanying tech guide.


Hi, I'm Fern Chan

I'm the bestselling author of the book How to NOT Suck at Presentations: Transform Your Presentation Skills from Boring to Badass, and digital course creator of Boring2Badass: A Blueprint to Transform Your Presentation Skills. 

I'm an avid lifelong learner, an educator with over 15 years training adult learners, and I left my 9-5 job in higher education to become a mompreneur. 

Being an entrepreneur is an exciting endeavour, much like piloting your own plane to your dream destination.  But at times, it can feel like we're building the plane in mid-flight! 

That's why I'm offering this bootcamp to give you a plan of action that worked for me, so you can duplicate the success and make it work for you! 

I'm rooting for you to share your gifts with the world, so let's not deny your light any longer! 

Some happy people who've worked with me

Suzy Destarac

Health Coach

5-star reviews!

Since working with Fern, I've had a lot of 5-star reviews and I feel like I've been able to make more of an impact. She really helped me to increase my confidence and I'm so thankful for all her fresh ideas. I can't wait to work with Fern again on my next big project. 

Tameka Means

CEO, Prison Love Mindset

It worked immediately

I love the techniques that she uses because I was able to apply her techniques literally the same day. So as soon as I finished watching her presentation, I could take what she taught us and apply it to my own presentation, and it allowed me to be more engaging and to be more confident. 

Sandra Madhere


Invaluable tips and hacks

I'm a big fan of Fern's personality, which shines through her work. She effortlessly combines a friendly and approachable tone with a wealth of knowledge, making the learning experience enjoyable. Fern's teaching style is engaging, interactive, and fun! I walked away with even more practical techniques and strategies to showcase my skills. 

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Bootcamp Daily Drills

Here's what we'll cover each day:


Day 1: Create a High-Value E-Book

Learn how to make an awesome e-book that your audience will love. I show you step-by-step how to pick great topics and fill your book with super useful info.

This means you're going to make an e-book that people really want to read and share. You'll stand out because your book won't be just another one on the shelf; it'll be the one everyone's talking about.

Picture this: You're now the go-to expert in your field. Your e-book is a hit, and people can't stop talking about how helpful it is. You've made something special that not only helps others but makes you feel amazing too!


Day 2: Transform Your E-Book into a Digital Course

Turn your e-book into a super cool digital course. It's like taking your book and making it come alive with videos and interactive stuff.

By doing this, you're not just giving information; you're creating an experience. Your audience will learn better and remember more because they're actually doing things, not just reading.

Imagine your digital course buzzing with excited learners, all thanks to you. They're not just learning; they're enjoying every moment. You've created an amazing learning journey that's both fun and educational.


Day 3: The Non-Techy Guide to Technical Stuff

Here, we break down all the tech stuff into easy, bite-sized pieces. Even if you're not a tech whiz, you'll learn how to set up all the technical parts of your e-book and course without headache. If you can copy and paste, you can do this!

This means you can focus on being creative without worrying about the techy bits. You'll save time and avoid stress, knowing you can handle the technical side with ease.

So rest assured that you can stay in control and manage everything like a pro. You've set things up to run smoothly, and you're free to focus on what you love doing most.


But wait, there's more! 

Who doesn't like extra freebies?? I got you!!

bonus 1: 
my bestselling e-book

This book, How to NOT Suck at Presentations  became an Amazon bestseller and launched my business as a presentation coach so I can help people deliver presentations that stick!  
Not only will you get to see how I formatted the book, you also get to improve your presentation skills to get your message across!

VALUE: $47

bonus 2: how to craft an effective presentation workshop

If you've suffered through Death-by-PowerPoint, then you know how painful it is to sit through a boring presentation. Don't be THAT kind of presenter!  Get access to this workshop so you know how to make an impact from the get-go! 

VALUE:  $197

bonus 3: 1x private coaching session

Get the individualized attention and support you need to succeed.  Focusing on your strengths, you'll get a customized strategy that is unique to you to amplify your zone of genius!

VALUE: $500

Here's a recap of what you're getting! 

Create a High-Value E-Book


Transform Your E-Book into a Digital Course


Tech Stuff Made Simple to Make It Happen


Bonus 1: Bestselling E-Book of How to NOT Suck at Presentations


Bonus 2: How to Craft an Effective Presentation Workshop


Bonus 3: 1x Private Coaching Session


Total Value: $2,241.00 

Lock in your  $1,942 savings today! 



  • 3-Day Live Bootcamp to Create Your E-Book & Digital Course
  • E-Copy of the Bestseller "How to NOT Suck at Presentations 
  • Workshop on How to Craft an Effective Presentation
  • 1x Private Coaching Session
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