Where are you on the
Suck Meter?



Don't worry, I know that sounds like the intergalactic world is about to explode but it's not that bad...I promise.

In fact, believe it or not, it’s a good place to be. Why?

Because just like Darth Vader, there’s time to bring you back from the dark side of the force to show you how to be the Jedi Knight Presenter you’re meant to be.

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

  • Right now you feel a bit like a fish out of water up on that stage.
  • There’s no way you’re making eye contact with the audience and dragging your eyes away from your presentation because what if you lose your place?
  • No thank you! It’s much safer to stand by the lectern staring at your notes.
  • Your slides are so full of information they look like a map of the galaxy far, far away, so much information that it’s way too much to take in and focus on.

And as for your audience...hmm, what can I say?

  • Relieved that's it over?
  • Eyes tightly shut?
  • Answering emails on their phone?

Not exactly the victory you were hoping for with thunderous applause.

So how do you change all that and get your audience hanging on your every word?

Well, in the words of Yoda, the Jedi Master:

You must unlearn what you have learned.

yoda, jedi master

The good news is, the Force is with you. 

You know your stuff.  You just need the self-confidence to deliver your material, just as Luke Skywalker had to believe he could destroy the Death Star without using the targeting system in his X-wing. 

You need to find a way to connect with your audience and inspire them to take action, like rallying the good forces to join the Rebel Alliance. 

Your knowledge will serve your audience. You have valuable insight and wisdom that needs to be shared. You have the plan to save the galaxy from the evil Empire after all! 

You just need the right tools and techniques to help with your delivery so that your message gets through to the people. 

Then you’ll feel like what you shared mattered. 

And the audience will rise up from their seats and applaud your efforts!

Ready to find out how you can emerge from the Death Star mark and come back from the dark side? 

Unlearn what you have learned. You are starting anew here. 

So let’s set you up to win with your own success formula: NOVA

You have a simple 4-step strategy to give your confidence a boost, and build that connection and engagement with your audience. 



Treat your presentation like a narrative. Use storytelling as a way to draw your audience in. People love hearing stories and they can’t help but see themselves in them once you start narrating.



Organize your presentation so there is a natural progression from beginning to end. Think of how you will get your audience from point A to point B. Like a good story, there has to be a beginning, middle and end.



Say your presentation out loud so that it sounds natural to say. You want to sound conversational, like you are catching up with an old friend. You know when the plot thickens and you’re just about to reveal that juicy bit of information!



Get your audience to take some form of action during your presentation so they can actively participate. By getting them to physically do something (like raising their hands, writing in the chatbox)  you are inviting them to interact with you. Once you have this rapport going back and forth, they will be more invested in what you have to say.

Now imagine this...using your NOVA formula

You feel so much more at ease presenting.

What you have to say is flowing naturally and you don’t need to be glued to your notes anymore. 

More hands are flying up in the air with questions. 

The audience is focused on you and not reading your slides.

Your message is getting through, and you’re getting lots of love back from the audience!

You feel like a Jedi Knight Presenter, ready to take on any stage, and influence your audience to take action!

Hey there...
I'm Fern

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself. 

I’m the bestselling author of the book How to NOT Suck at Presentations: Transform Your Presentation Skills from Boring to Badass.  

I’m also a big Star Wars aficionado, and dressed up as Princess Leia in the golden bikini to my law school ball! 

Before I wrote the book, I was definitely a Death-by-PowerPointer. I didn’t even realize I was bumping off my audience with all the bullet points I had on my slides. 

This is the way it was done. I didn’t question it, just followed along what I saw others were doing. 

You see, I’ve been working in higher education for over 15 years, training adult learners and presenting at conferences as part of my job. 

And we are the best at boring presentations. Ever sat through an academic research presentation? Snooze-fest…even I wanted to be rescued from those! 

And then it dawned on me that my presentations could be having the same effect on my audience. Yikes! 

So I changed the way I presented so my audience wouldn’t suffer through any more painful and forgettable presentations.

I developed a process to simplify the delivery of my message, and most importantly, connect with the audience. 

After fine-tuning my process, I could see the audience leaning in, laughing along, and asking tons of questions during the Q&A. 

Many even came up to me to tell me how much they enjoyed my presentation, and how they could apply what they just learned on the job. 

I felt like complete badass - like the moment Queen Amidala gave her impassioned speech and convinced the senate to vote down a bill that would lead the Republic deeper into the Clone Wars. 

I want you to have that same feeling of badassery, and come away like you made a lasting impression on your audience. 

I’m so stoked to share all my strategies with you and can’t wait to see your presenting skills shoot through the stratosphere! 

Now that you have your NOVA strategy, what's next?

You have a couple of options to point you in the right direction:

power prompt #1: let's get linkedin

It’s all about connection, so come find me on LinkedIn. I share plenty of #PowerPointers, my favorite tips and hacks, and answer burning questions on common presentation pitfalls. 

power prompt #2: get the book 

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power prompt #3: book a discovery call

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Your focus determines your reality

qui-gon jinn, jedi master

Ready to feel the Force and
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I can’t wait to get to know you better and find out more about your genius that you want to share with the world. 

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It’s time to make you a star presenter!