Where are you on the
Suck Meter?



Congratulations! You're in a pretty good spot, making some noticeable waves with your message. 

You’re starting to climb up there in the charts and just a few steps away from knocking it out of the stratosphere!

You’re honing your craft, getting better at reading the crowd, and responding to whatever comes your way, not unlike a Jedi Knight feeling the Force to block incoming lasers with his lightsaber!  

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

  • You’re quite a natural onstage, and feel pretty confident. 
  • You’ve done a few dry runs, so you feel comfortable with how your presentation flows and sounds out loud.
  • You can easily warm up the crowd, but you need a little bit more juice to sustain their interest through to the end.
  • You have a few discussion points on your slides, but nothing so overwhelming that it looks like the battle plan to take down the evil Galactic Empire! 

And what about your audience? How are they reacting?

  • Nods and smiles across the room? Check. 
  • A few hands went up for questions? Check.
  • Undivided attenting from start to finish? Getting there.

You’re very close to getting the victory you were hoping for with thunderous applause.

So what else can you do to get your audience hanging on your every word?

Well, in the words of the Master Yoda:

Always pass on what you have learned.

yoda, jedi master

The good news is, the Force is with you. 

You really know your stuff.  You already have a solid foundation of your presentation skills. You just need to go a little deeper to take you to the next level, just like Luke Skywalker had to feel the force to get objects to levitate!

YOU are a subject-matter expert! You want to share your knowledge with your audience because what you know can really serve them and be of great value to help them. 

You just need to master your technique so that you can carry your audience through to the end, inspire them to take action and leave a lasting impression! 

Then you’ll feel like what you shared mattered. 

And the audience will rise up from their seats and applaud your efforts!

Want to find out how you can jump into lightspeed
and rise even higher?

What got you to this point won’t get you to the next level. 

Go deeper with your knowledge so that your efforts will have a multiplier effect.

The key is to build a deeper relationship with your audience so what you say resonates with them and they will keep listening to you. 

So here’s your own success formula, your special sauce, your JAM

You have a simple 3-step strategy to give your delivery a big boost.



Take your audience on a journey with you as you present. Show them the final destination and how you are going to get them there. This will invite them into your narrative so they can feel a part of the process. Don’t stop believing that you can do it! 



Get your audience to take some form of action during your presentation so they can actively participate. By getting them to physically do something (like raising their hands, writing in the chatbox)  you are inviting them to interact with you. Once you have this rapport going back and forth, they will be more invested in what you have to say.



Make your message memorable. Give them takeaways that are easy to remember and relatable. People don’t remember boring things, but they do remember things that are enjoyable and fun! So whether it’s an acronym, a story, or a catch-phrase, make it easy to say, and easy to remember.

You have taken your first step into a larger world.

obi-wan kenobi, jedi master

Now imagine getting your
 JAM on...

You are on fire when you’re presenting!

The audience can’t enough of you. They’re leaning in to learn more. 

More hands are flying up in the air with questions. 

The audience is tuned into you from beginning to end. 

You’re getting enthusiastic applause, and even more follow-up questions after you’re done!

You feel like a Jedi Master Presenter, ready to take on any stage and create an unforgettable experience for your audience that will convert them into fans of your work!

Hey there...
I'm Fern

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself. 

I’m the bestselling author of the book How to NOT Suck at Presentations:Transform Your Presentation Skills from Boring to Badass.  

I’m also a big Star Wars aficionado, and dressed up as Princess Leia in the golden bikini to my law school ball! 

Before I wrote the book, I was definitely a Death-by-PowerPointer. I didn’t even realize I was bumping off my audience with all the bullet points I had on my slides. 

This is the way it was done. I didn’t question it, just followed along what I saw others were doing. 

You see, I’ve been working in higher education for over 15 years, training adult learners and presenting at conferences as part of my job. 

And we are the best at boring presentations. Ever sat through an academic research presentation? Snooze-fest…even I wanted to be rescued from those! 

And then it dawned on me that my presentations could be having the same effect on my audience. Yikes! 

So I changed the way I presented so my audience wouldn’t suffer through any more painful and forgettable presentations.

I developed a process to simplify the delivery of my message, and most importantly, connect with the audience. 

After fine-tuning my process, I could see the audience leaning in, laughing along, and asking tons of questions during the Q&A. 

Many even came up to me to tell me how much they enjoyed my presentation, and how they could apply what they just learned on the job. 

I felt like complete badass - like the moment Queen Amidala gave her impassioned speech and convinced the senate to vote down a bill that would lead the Republic deeper into the Clone Wars. 

I want you to have that same feeling of badassery, and come away like you made a lasting impression on your audience. 

I’m so stoked to share all my strategies with you and can’t wait to see your presenting skills shoot through the stratosphere! 

Now that you have your JAM on, what's next?

You have a couple of options to point you in the right direction:

power prompt #1: let's get linkedin

It’s all about connection, so come find me on LinkedIn. I share plenty of #PowerPointers, my favorite tips and hacks, and answer burning questions on common presentation pitfalls. 

power prompt #2: get the book 

Want a quick and easy read, and something to have in your back pocket for easy reference? The book is a great starting point and forms the basis of the e-course.

power prompt #3: BOOK A DISCOVERY CALL

Get on a free call with me! Do you have an upcoming presentation? Are you stuck and/or need some ideas to up the engagement? Let's have a quick chat so I can help you with some Jedi moves! 

Your focus determines your reality

qui-gon jinn, jedi master

Ready to feel the Force and
begin your transformation?

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I can’t wait to get to know you better and find out more about your genius that you want to share with the world. 

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It’s time to make you a star presenter!